A full-Stack Developer & CTO Turned No-Code CTO

I help clients to use no-code tools to build things quickly and reduce cost. As a software engineer, I can help you avoid pitfalls and push through any technical issues, even adding custom code when necessary.

I specialize in automation, integration, and building No-Code apps from the ground. up.

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What I Can Do For You

Workflow Automation

Save time and money through smart, efficient tool integration and automation using Zapier or Integromat.

No-Code Application Dev

Planning and building your application from the ground up, or automating and integrating what you already have.

On-Call CTO

Help with choosing the right no-code tools, planning automation or No-Code development, or get quick, professional support.

My Core Toolset

What I know best and use most.


About Me

I've been a full-stack developer and CTO for over 20 years, and am now 100% focused on helping clients get the most of No-Code solutions.  I'm based in the San Francisco Bay Area.